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Google Apps Engine as CDN Service
06-21-2010, 03:46 PM
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RE: Google Apps Engine as CDN Service
Hey Patrick,

I think I got excited and jumped the gun when I saw the results the first time around. The reason the initial connection and dsn lookup were so small was because the connection was being reused for all static objects. On my website, I have been using multiple subdomains such as,, etc to serve multiple static objects in parallel. I was use to seeing a lot of DNS lookups and initial connection times so when these disappeared I was happy temporarily. The results took longer because everything was pointing towards one of the CDN links I listed above and it could not serve more than a few static objects in parallel. I tried using a few different URLs to serve the static objects then. Overall, my results did not vary enough to make a different in performance so I was a bit disappointed. From that article I read it looks like that Google App Engine is suppose to be able to keep up with other CDN services so I am a bit surprised I did not see any difference in my test results. So right now I am looking into other CDN alternatives and also maxCDN. I have been waiting on their support for about 24 hours. Maybe they do not work on Sundays. I am excited to see how my website would perform with their CDN services.

More about Google - I did register for one of their Google App Engines. It looks like they have quotas set that send errors if bandwidth is exceeded. They have an option there to pay for more. The prices seem pretty competitive. However, if the data is not being cached at edge locations, I do not see any benefit in using their service. If anyone ever learns more about their app engine, please share your results with me. I do not know anything about Python and its been years since I have worked with Java. However, I do bowl with someone that knows Java.

Travis Walters

Travis Walters
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