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IE starts, but page doesn't load
10-04-2011, 10:19 PM
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IE starts but page doesnt load
I dont have the same problem with Firefox. It could be a combination of things, including my broadband connection & my system, but it only happens in SeaMonkey. Firefox has the same rendering engine, I would have thought what affected one would affect the other similarly. Sometimes my iGoogle page can take a few moments to load. I honestly think there is some connection &/or incompatibility between Google chat & SeaMonkey. This Google chat thing on the iGoogle is comparatively new. It causes me loading problems until I dis-enable it. It seems to be when I use the chat address book in Gmail as a short-cut to sending an email. I click on a name & a pop-up comes up & you can choose chat/mail & I click mail. The IP address then appears in the box you write addresses in. This seems to trigger the odd loading behaviour. As I stated earlier the page can be made to load if you click the emoticon bar on & off. It doesnt matter if you actually use one of them or not. Definitely weird...

EDIT: I just checked it again. The first time I tried to send in Gmail it worked. The second time the page wouldnt load. Curiouser & curiouser...
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