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09-09-2009, 11:38 PM
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Hey, great to hear from you - as soon as I saw the LeptienM account I knew exactly who it was :-)

Ouch, I just looked at the test results and it looks pretty painful. The css and js concatenation should be priority number 1 and will radically improve the times (particularly the start render time). After you do that and get some decent expires headers in it's probably worth re-testing to see where the pain points are.

Be careful with breaking out too many domains. With SSL the cost for setting up additional connections is pretty steep so you'll want to make sure it is worth it (and once you combine the files it might not be).

On the "How it's done" side, I have a browser plugin that hooks a bunch of different API's and intercepts the calls (both into WinInet and Winsock). It is pretty similar to how HTTPWatch does things. The connection view was added after talking to the guys who created VRTA :-)

Firefox is on the roadmap but it is probably quite a ways out as it would be a complete rewrite of the browser plugin (not something I am looking forward to doing).

In case you haven't seen it yet, I just added the ability to record a video capture of the test runs if you want to see what it looked like loading. I've attached a sample of the Alice page loading from Dulles. It gets particularly interesting if you want to compare a "before" and "after" or compare to a competitor. Here are more details on it:

Great to hear from you!


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