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12-11-2009, 10:01 PM
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So, we have done most of the stuff, and the results are pretty impressive when tested from Germany. As my company is a german Telco, performance is mainly relevant to german customers.

Time to Fully Downloaded with an empty Cache decreased from 6.8 seconds to 2.8 seconds.
Time to Fully Downloaded with a primed Cache decreased from 3.3 to 0.8 seconds.

Number of HTTP Requests decreased from 89 to 48 with an empty Cache.
Number of HTTP Requests decreased to 4 with a primed Cache (Dynamic Basepage + 2 Counting Pixels + 1 Ad).

Number of Bytes downloaded decreased from 584K to 294K.

What we did was:
Put all static assets on a cookie-free domain.
Concatenate CSS Files
Concatenate JS Files and split the initial load
Sprite images
Have far future Expires
GZIP everything
Have Cache-Control: Public enabled for Browser Caching of SSL content

There is still a couple of stuff we would like to do.
Which is introduce a second static Domain, to enable SSL Session Caching and to unblock loading of the big Javascript file in the beginning.
Maybe a little bit more spriting could be done as well. Also we will introduce some serverside caching of the static assets, which are currently delivered from the CMS each and every time.

Apart of that it is indeed impressive, what you can gain "for free" with a little bit of dev effort/config tweaking. And the situation is a clear win-win: Faster Page, less load on the infrastructure.

Pat, thanks a lot for your help and this tool. I hope that I/we will set up an own server instance of your tool in 2010. And maybe I can convince people here to make the instance public.

Have a great X-mas
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