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Private Instance on Amazon EC2
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Private Instance on Amazon EC2
01-23-2011, 06:15 PM
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Private Instance on Amazon EC2
Hello All,

I have setup 2 instances (1 m1.small: "IE8 - ami-8a6c9de3 : webpagetest-us-east/ie8-20110113.manifest.xml" and another running on ubuntu which has the webserver setup).

While creating the windows instance from the image I added the wpt_server userdata string and modified locations.ini:


label="Amazon EC2 East ( Virginia )"

browser=IE 8
label="Amazon EC2 East ( Virginia )"

It doesn't seem to work though. I get an error while trying out on the private webserver : "Error sending url to test machine. Please try back later " Is there anything else that I might have missed out on? How do I access the windows instance? Sorry but I have no experience with hosted windows instances. Should I point the URL in urlblast.ini to the IP of my webserver?

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