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TCP Packet Count
10-18-2011, 03:39 AM
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RE: TCP Packet Count
I would be happy with the count of packets at the page level. Where do i find that info?

The device we were enabling/disabling the Nagle algorithm on was an F5 BIG-IP load balancer. Nagle is enabled by default on these devices (at least on the software version we have). And you don't want to know how ancient the software stack behind the F5 is. <chuckle> ....ancient versions of SunOne webserver (though admittedly a version from after the name change from iPlanet....just) and WebLogic application server.

One of the software components in the stack behind the load balancer has a history of sending highly chunked http traffic under certain conditions (I have observed this at another time and place) and it may well be that the load balancer has been buffering this behaviour. By disabling the Nagle algorithm we may well have worsened performance for some components and not improved it bizarrely...but I don't know (yet) if this extension for content download is an artefact of the artificial delay being added by the traffic shaper for WebPageTest. More testing is slated for later on this week.

On the note of per connection packet flows it would be interesting to be able to look at that level of detail because another benefit would be checking to see whether the first response fits within the initial TCP window, which can be important for things such as ensuring efficient SSL handshakes, or if you are using flushing that the initial chunk is the right size, by reducing the RTTs involved.
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