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Inconsistent results? Testing MySQL?
03-25-2011, 10:32 AM
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RE: Inconsistent results? Testing MySQL?
Adding a ink to your test results so others can chime in as well:

Like you discovered, the multiple queries aren't the main driver for your woes. The queries (and the caching of static html) that you were doing all impact the time to generate the base page (first request in the waterfall) and are usually what we cal "back-end time". The bulk of the time spent loading your page comes from the "front end" which are all of the things that your html references.

It could be worse, you could have had keep-alives broken as well which would have doubled the time to load the page :-)

The easiest thing you can do for starters would be to enable gzip compression for your text resources. It's usually just a config setting on the server and doesn't require any changes to the page. It looks like you're on Apache so hopefully mod_deflate is already instaled and you just need to enable it.

Next up would be to merge the 3 javascript files into a single file (curvycorners, jquery and jquery.rating). It should be as easy as copy/pasting the contents of each file into a single file in the same order that they are loaded.

Those two changes should cut your start render time in half or so and should be the easiest to implement (if you can move the javascript to the end of the page that would be even better but you have to be careful because that might break the page).

Next up would be to merge all of those individual images into a smaller number of image sprites. spriteme can help with the task but from the looks of it you should be able to merge almost all of the images into a single sprite which would almost completely eliminate the time after start render and pull your whole page load into the 2-3 second range.

Finally, you should make the static pieces of the page cachable by giving them a far-futures expires time (the css, javascript and images). That way the repeat visits will be able to load the images directly from their disk cache and not ping your server to see if each one of them needs to be updated. This is a little more complicated because it requires you to change the file names if you change the contents (add a logo, change the css, whatever) but it is well worth the effort.
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