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Errors in PageTest
01-04-2010, 08:13 PM
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RE: Errors in PageTest
hi Pat,

I tried the same things, i am using IE 7.0 and have set my start page as about:blank and started the AOL Page Test (that opened in a new window),

but as soon as i typed in the URL , it gave me an error "Cannot find server" with the following details in the AOL Page Test window

Optimization Report : 01/04/10 at 10:12:20

Results for 'http://bfsukdcwctst:5151/':

Error loading page: -2146697213 (0x800C0003)
Page load time: 1205757.239 seconds
Time to first byte: 0.000 seconds
Time to Start Render: 1205757.552 seconds
Time to Document Complete: 1205757.239 seconds
Time to Fully Loaded: 1205757.239 seconds
Bytes sent out: 0.000 KB
Bytes received: 0.000 KB
DNS Lookups: 0
Connections: 0
Requests: 0
OK Requests: 0
Redirects: 0
Not Modified: 0
Not Found: 0
Other: 0

Enable browser caching of static assets:
No appropriate resources present

Use one CDN for all static assets:
No appropriate resources present

Combine static CSS and JS files:
No appropriate resources present

GZIP encode all appropriate text assets (text responses > 1400 bytes):
No appropriate resources present

Compress Images:
No appropriate resources present

Use persistent connections (keep alive):
No appropriate resources present

Proper cookie usage:
No appropriate resources present

Minify JS:
No appropriate resources present

No ETag headers (ETag headers should generally not be used unless you have an explicit reason to need them):
No appropriate resources present

JQuery Selectors not descended from an ID:
No problems found

(11-14-2009 12:33 AM)pmeenan Wrote:  Thanks. It was one of those things that after I implemented I started to get a nagging feeling that it might cause some grief in some cases so I'll probably go and undo the JIT hooking for the next release.


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