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Request API Key

Akamai is providing resources for automated testing through the public WebPagetest instance.

This form allows you to request an API key to use for limited automation of WebPagetest testing. The API key is provisioned for up to 200 "page loads" per day. Each run, first or repeat view counts as a page load (10 runs, first and repeat view would be 20 page loads). That should be sufficient for most low-volume use cases and for building a proof-of-concept for larger testing. If you need to do more testing than that allows then you should consider a private instance. There are pre-packaged AMIs available on EC2 for running a full WebPagetest instance.

Registering for multiple keys, using disposable email addresses or anything else that looks like suspicious activity may result in the keys being cancelled or, in more extreme cases, all testing of the URLs your are trying to test or the networks you are testing from may be blocked across all of WebPageTest.

The API keys are limited to testing from a subset of locations (EC2 regions and the Dulles Chrome, Firefox, IE 9 and Mobile agents). The EC2 locations will offer consistent performance from location to location and can be scaled as necessary to meet demand. If you need to automate testing from other locations then email me directly (pmeenan@webpagetest.org).

The results for tests run with the API keys will be available for 30 days from when the test was run.

Once you fill out the details below, you will receive an email with information on how to retrieve your API key.

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Terms of Service

It is important to note that the service is offered on a best-effort basis and there are no guarantees on anything (including but not limited to the availability of the service, the performance of the test agents and the availability of test results). If we detect what appears to be malicious use of the service we reserve the right to block access as needed.