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WebPageTest Pro Experiment

  • ExperimentSettings: motog4Chromev1024GVirginia USA
    • First View only
    • Test runs: 3
    • Connectivity: 9000/9000 Kbps, 170ms Latency
    • Custom Metrics

    Experiment Info:

    • Find/Replace Text

      This experiment will find and replace occurrences of text in the page, with the option of using regular expressions, capturing parentheses, and flags as well


      • <link[^>]*rel="preload"[^>]*>
      • on

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    Core Web Vitals

    This page details results from metrics that Google has deemed Core Web Vitals . For more information about these metrics and their significance, check out our Core Web Vitals Guide.

    Observed Web Vitals Metrics (Collected in this WPT test run)

    Real-World Usage Metrics

    Compare this WebPageTest run with browser-collected performance data for this site.

    (Collected anonymously by Chrome browser | Full Report)

    Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)

    3.70S (fair)

    At 75th percentile of visits.

    • 53%
    • 26%
    • 21%

    2.13S better than this WPT test run's first view (5.82S). Why?

    Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

    0.24 (fair)

    At 75th percentile of visits.

    • 51%
    • 24%
    • 24%

    0.154 worse than this WPT test run's first view (0.086). Why?

    First Input Delay (FID)

    .02S (good)

    At 75th percentile of visits.

    • 95%
    • 4%
    • 1%

    Field metric only, no WPT test run data.

    Note: Why can real browser usage metrics vary from test run metrics?

    Variance between your test run and real world usage is expected because a WebPageTest run uses a specific connection speed, and real world data spans all connection speeds. To closely match the p75 user in WebPageTest, try rerunning your test using a different connection speed.

    Largest Contentful Paint (5821ms)

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    LCP Event Summary

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    Element TypeDIV
    Background Imageurl("")
    Outer HTML<div class="align-center font-color-white home-header padding-bottom-2x padding-top-4x" style="background-image: url(&quot;

    LCP: 5821 ms

    Start Render
    First Contentful Paint
    Largest Contentful Paint
    Layout Shift
    DOM Interactive
    DOM Content Loaded
    On Load
    Document Complete
    Render Blocking Resource Insecure Request 3xx response4xx+ response
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