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WebPageTest Pro Experiment

  • ExperimentSettings: motog4Chromev1054GVirginia USA
    • First View only
    • Test runs: 3
    • Connectivity: 9000/9000 Kbps, 170ms Latency
    • Custom Metrics

    Experiment Info:

    • Mimic Pre-rendered HTML

      This experiment mimics server-generated HTML by swapping the initial HTML with the fully rendered HTML from this test run. Note: this will very likely break site behavior, but is potentially useful for comparing early metrics and assessing whether moving logic to the server is worth the effort.


      • 220919_AiDcKA_E68
    • Disable Scripts

      This experiment makes all scripts (inline and external) unrecognizable as javascript by the browser in order to demonstrate whether the site will still be usable if JavaScript fails to properly run.


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    Core Web Vitals

    This page details results from metrics that Google has deemed Core Web Vitals . For more information about these metrics and their significance, check out our Core Web Vitals Guide.

    Observed Web Vitals Metrics (Collected in this WPT test run)

    Largest Contentful Paint (3387ms)

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    LCP Event Summary

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    Element TypeDIV
    Outer HTML<div class="css-1dbjc4n r-1niwhzg r-vvn4in r-u6sd8q r-4gszlv r-1p0dtai r-1pi2tsx r-1d2f490 r-u8s1d r-zchlnj r-ipm5af r-13qz1uu r-1wyyakw" style="background-image: url(&quot;;name=900x900&quot;);"></div>...

    LCP: 3387 ms

    Start Render
    First Contentful Paint
    Largest Contentful Paint
    Layout Shift
    DOM Interactive
    DOM Content Loaded
    On Load
    Document Complete
    Render Blocking Resource Insecure Request 3xx response4xx+ response
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